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Divine Feminine Energy.

Irreverence and boldness are terms we've always loved to associate with our brand. We feel like our products give a bold kick to people's fits: not just shoes but strong statements of power and style to be proud of.
Our female collection the SALEM DROP aims to be a provocative and fun anthem to the strenght of women. Witchcraft and the ancient references associated to female power and connection with natural elements has been used for too long in the past as a repressive scapegoat to silence women and tame their uncomparable strenght and energy. 

Today we decided to inspire the collection titled "SALEM" to witchcraft and divine feminine energy, delivering a sensual and strong capsule including boots, laced and zipped booties communicating sensualness, boldness, confidence, power and wildness. Made of evocative leathers and textures. 
Creating the collection was fun. As we hope it will be wearing all the styles and walking down the street with confidence and bewitching looks. 


The Salem collection will literally put a spell on you and on those who'll see you wearing the shoes. 

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Handmade authentic boots and shoes created from the finest leather and crafted to stand the test of time.

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