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Our brand encapsulates the Italian heritage of craftmanship and passion towards the fine art of shoemaking. 

Located in the rural town of Montegranaro, our factory is one of the oldest in the area, epicentre of creativity, artisanery and experience in this field. In wanting to keep the tradition alive, we posed as our goal that of honoring the ancient process of leather lavoration, handmade textures and quality products that stand the test of time. 

At the same time, we are committed to participating to the global fight for sustainability and against the pollution of the environment. Indeed, the fashion industry is to be held responsible for a huge percentage of pollution, due to the unstoppable chain set in motion by the fast-fashion industry and due to the ever-growing request of new products that are most of the times cheaply made by underpayed labourers in the poorest countries of the world. 

We do stand against this narrative. Indeed, our shoes production concerning the online store revolves around a zero-waste policy. Shoes are put in production and manufactured the minute the order arrives. This way, we do not overproduce and do not pack our warehouses with unsold pairs. This is why the time between the order placement and receiving the shoes can be quite long and varies according to the style of choice. The small percentage of shoes we do have left unsold, can be found in our section "LAST PAIRS" at a very special price. 

We deeply appreciate our patient customers and are enormously happy to know that you contribute to our effort of producing sustainable and lasting products, following the artisan traditions of our ancestors cobblers. 

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